Our course offers in 1020 Vienna

    At Coming Hooomm we offer daily Yoga-Groupsessions (registration for these classes takes place either via our “timetable“, or contact us) and we are happy to teach our classes in English upon request.

    Coming Hooomm offers you Yoga, Pilates, Nuad and a lot more: It’s doesn’t matter if you have backpain and headache, or if you just feel like getting some peaceful moments. We have a matching program for you. With our wide range of Body&Mind offers, we can adapt perfectly to your personal setting. We set up a personal wellbeing-training schedule – if you got any further questions, please contact us. We recommend to take a private class with one of our experienced teachers to get the best individual care.

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    Praktizieren Sie Yoga im Studio Coming Hooomm in 1020 Wien-Leopoldstadt


    Get to know more about our Yogapractice and about the Yogaclasses at Coming Hooomm


    Get to know more about Pilates and back and belly training at Coming Hooomm.

    Personal Training

    Coming Hooomm offers individual trainings, that matches your personal settings perfectly

    Nuad Thai Yoga Massage 1020 Wien private Krankenversicherung


    Nuad or Thaimassage uses the healthful method of touch

    Nutrition Consulting

    A healthy nutrition is the base of a healthy life – TCM helps you to get there