Yoga in 1020 Vienna

It’s hardly possible to describe Yoga in just a few words. Yoga is an old Indian philosophical teaching, that includes body and mind practice. The major part of the practice in the western world are physical positions (Asanas) and breath exersises (Pranayama). We offer different styles of Yoga dependent on the ability of our Yoginis and Yogis. For us it’s important to do a healthy movement pattern, full breathing, respect of others and joy of moving!

At Coming Hooomm we offer daily Yoga-Groupsessions (registration for these classes takes place either via our “timetable“, or contact us) and we are happy to teach our classes in English upon request.

Yoga Basic

The perfect way to start doing Yoga, is to join one of our 60-minutes units for Yoga beginners. In this class you learn to practice in a slow and calm way, which leads to a correct movement pattern and to prevent injuries. We focus on body alignment, but also on breath and meditation practice. We try to give you the best individual care and to give you the perfect start into your Yogapractice. We want to create a space of joy and we try to achieve a balance between body, mind and soul.

Yoga Open

Yoga open is a dynamic, creative way of practice. In a harmonious, flowing way we change and get into positions. With modern music, you can go with the flow and get into practice even deeper. With the sound of your breath you get into powerful Asanas, without loosing the ease of your practice. For this you need some Yoga experience and we recommend to go a couple of times in the Yoga Basic class, if you haven’t practiced before.


Rebuilding after pregnancy

This Yoga Class is focused on the special needs for mums after birth and during the lactation. It’s not just about your physical health, we want to give a emotional accompaniment in the first period of your motherhood. At the physical level, we focus on the rebuilding of the pelvic floor, a soft strengthening of the muscular of trunk and the mobilization of the shoulders and the pelvic. We want to create a atmosphere of companionship, where you have the opportunity to exchange with other mums in a caring environment. In the relaxation phase, which will be at the end of the class, you can expect a pleasant Mini-Massage. Of course you can take your baby and elder siblings with you.

Yoga für Pensionisten

Yoga for seniors: wellbeing isn’t a question of age – nevertheless for many people, who reached a certain age, it’s hard to find a matching way of movement. The Class “Yoga für Pensionisten” focusses on exercises, which are perfect for people 60+. The class contains mobilisation of the locomotor system, intentional breathing, activation of the pelvic floor, invigoration of the musculature of trunk and smooth stretching. All people are welcome, who like to move attentive and get 60 minutes of joy.