Coming Hooomm Membership

    Sandra Grosskopf

    “Yoga is more than fitness. The Coming Hooomm Studio is a chance for me, to build a strong, reflected community in the heart of Vienna.”

    And dust shall we become….NOT, get the membership!

    The Coming Hooomm Studio is now opened for 3 years and we met a lot of people. We sincerely believe, that a frequent Yoga practice does good to us and we hope, you have the same experience. In the rush of our lives we often forget to look mindfully at our body and especially our soul. We decided to offer a Coming Hooomm Membership, to give you and also us the opportunity to succeed a long an hopefully happy path together.

    What’s the advantage?

    • Yoga 7 days a week for just 80€
    • Matstorage: Just leave your mat in the Studio
    • Never think about buying a product again

    How to get it?

    On your next visit to the studio, just ask the teacher to give you the form to create the membership. From the day of your singing forward, you are a member of Coming Hooomm.

    If you got any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Is it reasonable for me?

    The costs of the membership are monthly payments of 80€ [65€ for students an retiree]. Do you plan to practice Yoga twice a week, then go for it!

    How does the payment work?

    The Coming Hooomm Membership is a contract, that got a fixation of three month. After the three month you can resign the contract at any time. A so called “SEPA-Lastschrift Mandat” is attached to the membership contract. The payment occurs via direct debit transfer on the date of the contract signing.